Henry Lord Headsprout


8:35am - 2:52pm
(2:22pm on Thursdays)
School begins at 8:35am each day.
Please have students here by 8:25am!!!

Early Release Dates  
March 1, 2018         
April 5, 2018          

After School Activities

Girl Scout & Boy Scouts  

meetings will take place every Thursday from 2:30-3:45 pm.  Please arrive promptly at 3:45 to pick up your child(ren).    

Basketball Practice:  

All practices are from dismissal until 4:30 pm

Grades 3-5:
Girls- Every Wed. 
Boys- Every Monday
Grades 6-8:
Girls- Every Wed. and Thursday
Boys- Every Tuesday and Friday 
Wednesday League

School Adjustment Counselor Website

Please save your BOX TOPS for Education!!! 
Send them in and help your child's
classroom earn free resources!!!