As students begin to access and use their Aspen accounts we have encountered some user account issues that require us to implement some enhanced procedures to better serve staff and students.

Situation 1 - Student deleted their Welcome to Aspen email with account information(or cannot access their account)  SOLUTION> Student must email from their FRPS email only to accounthelp@fallriverschools.org and a team member will resend with 24 hours.
Situation 2 - Student has never accessed their FRPS email or cannot log on to their FRPS email.  SOLUTION> Student should visit their sub-office and and office member will contact Tech Support to get a password reset or account info.  Students should not  visit Tech Support themselves.
For security reasons  we are trying to avoid students directly visiting Tech Support themselves  to resolve issues and feel the above 2 solutions will address 99% of issues.
Thank you