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Adams, Christopher
Alves, Stacey
Amaral, Felicia
Arruda, Cindy

Baxter, Joshua
Bienvenue, Diane
Blackburn, Kelly
Blanchard, Sharon
Bradley, Eric
Branch, Coleen

Cabral, Corinne
Cabral, Kayla
Calcano-Vianna, Tyana
Carpin, Mona
Coogan, Graham

Darling, Thea
Duquette, Beverly

Eccles, Hannah

Fernandes, Alycia
Ferreira, Ronda
Fine, Emily Rebecca
Frattaruolo, Kerri

Glendye, Leslie
Gomes, Elizabeth
Gonzalez, Yolanda

Hanley, Maryellen
Hludzik, Megan
Hurney, Alison

Jefferson, Arianna

Keating, Jodi

Lima, Karen
Lomas, Debra

Maron, Cynthia
Marshall, Margaret
Martin, Brenda
Martinez, Anastasia
Mello, Alicia
Melo, Silvana
Mendonca, Rita

Nahigyan, Carly
Newell, Jayson

Ollivierre, Alex J

Pacheco, Eileen
Pettenati, Rochelle
Plunkett, Emily
Pontes, Elizabeth

Raposa, Kimberly
Rego, Yvone
Reynolds, Jaclyn
Rogers, Zachary

Sawyer, Carrie
Schnebeck, Aimee
Scott, Michael
Silva, Stephanie
Small, Victoria
Souza, Karen
Souza, Kyle
Steele, Karen

Tripp, Dawn

Vasselin, Tracy
Vieira, Sara
Viveiros, Patrick

Warren, Gloria
Winslow, Kelly
Wordell, Megan

van Zyl, Brenda






















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2017-2018 Doran School Day:
Monday through Friday: 7:55 - 2:52
Breakfast at 7:55 Daily


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