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Brown, Kelsey

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Carvalho, Jessica
Cashman, Erika
Chouinard, Keri
Cicchinelli, Renae
Collamore, Erica
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Correia, Kelly
Correia, Zachary Mark
Coury, Carol

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Dallaire, Angie Theresa
De Barros, Elizabeth
DeFalco-Furtado, Deborah
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Emond, Kris-Ann

Fallon, Caitlin
Ferreira, Monique
Frazier, Donna
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8:35am - 2:52pm
(2:22pm on Thursdays)
School begins at 8:35am each day.
Please have students here by 8:25am!!!



After School Activities

Monday and Wednesday's 3pm-5:15 pm.

Girl Scout & Boy Scouts  

Meetings will take place every Thursday from 2:30-3:45 pm.  Please arrive promptly at 3:45 to pick up your child(ren). 


School Adjustment Counselor Website

Please save your BOX TOPS for Education!!! 
Send them in and help your child's classroom earn free resources!!!