Staff Directory

Sheryl Patterson, Principal (

Derek Lakey, Vice Principal (

Mark Mosher, Vice Principal (

Faculty and Staff

Name Department Email1
Abdow, Edward Azar Science
Alves, Sarina L. English
Barron, James R. Fine Arts
Bernier, Michael D Math
Blanchette, Christopher  Social Sci
Borges, Betheny Ann Social Sci
Botelho, Pauline D Tech Ed
Brunelle, April D. Student Support Svcs
Bshara, Steven Salem SPED
Cabral-Levesque, Stacey L English
Carberry, Doreen F. Social Sci
Carmo, Ana P SPED
Chhean, Soklim Social Sci
Chouinard, Tara Ann English
Cohen, Darcy M Health&PE
Coleman, Margaret Rose Math
Coogan, Graham  Math
Curry, Tiffany  English
Cutrone, Gloria Cardoso Student Support Svcs
DeJesus, Kellyn Angelina SPED
DeMello, Stephanie Tara SPED
Desmarais, Rachel Helen Science
Duffy, Joan M SPED
Dumont, Jill M. Nurses
Dupre, Ashley J English
Farinha, Dawn Marie SPED
Fitzgerald, Robert G Health&PE
Frattaruolo, Kerri Ann Math
Gallagher, Matthew0 Eugene Science
Gao, Shang  IMC - Media
Hellkamp, Bryan Christopher Social Sci
Hession, Heather L SPED
Hunt, Michala Lynn English
Jenness, Meghan M SPED
Jezak, Nathaniel Thomas Fine Arts
Keating, Thomas R Student Support Svcs
Klamkin, Allison  SPED
Labriola, Matthew Edward SPED
Lakey, Derek Christopher School Admin/Office
Landers-Murray, Donna C Fine Arts
Laprise, Jodie Fine Arts
Lema, Stacy Ventura SPED
Lewis, Elizabeth J Technology
Mandeville, Christine M Fine Arts
Matos, Maria C. SPED
Mattei, Jennifer A. Fine Arts
McNamara, Caroline  World Languages
Mendes, Bethany Mary SPED
Mosher, Mark W School Admin/Office
Nunes, Alicia M Math
O'Brien, Tara Patricia English
O'Connell, Patrick J Substitute
Ouellette, Karen Science
Pacheco, Meagan Marie Social Sci
Paradise, Steven Ernest SPED
Patterson, Sheryl Ann School Admin/Office
Pereira, Jacob R IMC - Media
Phelan, Liberia Student Support Svcs
Powers, Lynda L SPED
Prario, Stephen F. Science
Raposa, Kathleen Ann School Office
Santiago, Haydee  SPED
Saunders, Jennifer E Science
Say, Savyra  Math
Sedoma, Robin A School Admin/Office
Silva, Shana Lee World Languages
Silvia, Jennifer Lynn SPED
Sok, Samy  SPED
St Michel, Sheila A School Office
Sylvia, Lynn M SPED
Tremblay, Beverly M SPED
Turgeon, Pamela F SPED
Vasconcelos, Carolyn Science
Viens, Stephanie English
Villella, Megan SPED
Weissman, Edward J Science
Weissman, Jodi M Math
White, Adrienne E World Languages


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