Staff Directory

Abdow, Edward
Alves, Sarina
Arsenault, Gaby

Barron, James
Bernier, Michael
Blanchette, Christopher
Bobola, Amanda
Borges, Betheny
Botelho, Pauline
Bshara, Steven

Cabral, Kayla
Cabral-Levesque, Stacey
Carberry, Doreen
Carmo, Ana
Carney, Terri
Carvalho, Douglas
Chhean, Soklim
Chouinard, Tara
Cohen, Darcy
Conchinha, Amanda
Curry, Tiffany
Cutrone, Gloria

DeJesus, Kellyn
DeMello, Stephanie
Desmarais, Rachel
Dopart, Kara
Dumont, Jill
Dupre, Ashley

Farinha, Dawn
Fitzgerald, Robert

Gallagher, Matthew
Gao, Shang
Gardner, Michela

Hetu, Kelsey
Hunt, Michala

Jenness, Meghan
Kearns, Sarah
Klamkin, Allison

Lakey, Derek
Landers-Murray, Donna
Laprise, Jodie
Law, Julie
Lema, Stacy Ventura
Lewis, Elizabeth

Mandeville, Christine
Matos, Maria
Mattei, Jennifer
McCarthy, Rian
McNamara, Caroline
Mendes, Bethany
Mosher, Mark

Nascimento, Warren
Nunes, Alicia

O'Brien, Tara
Ollivierre, Alex

Pacheco, Meagan
Patterson, Sheryl
Pereira, Jacob
Phelan, Liberia
Powers, Lynda
Prario, Cassandra

Raposa, Kathleen
Rodrigues, Sarah

Santiago, Haydee
Say, Savyra
Sedoma, Robin
Silvia, Jennifer
Sok, Samy
Soto, Regina
St Michel, Sheila
Stack, Kathleen

Tremblay, Beverly
Turgeon, Pamela

Vasconcelos, Carolyn
Villella, Megan

Weissman, Edward
Weissman, Jodi
White, Adrienne



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Second Tuesday
of the Month from 5:00-6:00PM

Morton PTO Meets the Second Tuesday of the Month
All are Welcome!


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