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Mr. Ruo is a Health and Physical Education teacher in his eighth year at B.M.C. Durfee High School. Mr. Ruo holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health and Physical Education from Rhode Island College. He's certified to teach Health grades K-12 and Physical Education grades 9-12. Addtionally, Mr. Ruo holds a Master's Degree in Education Administration from UMASS Lowell. He's certified to be a Principal in grades 9-12.

Mr. Ruo teaches the following classes:

  • Health I
  • Health II
  • Physical Education-Wellness
  • Fitness Management

Extra Help Availability:

  • Monday: 2:45-3:30
  • Tuesday: 2:45-3:00
  • Wednesday: 2:45-4:00
  • Thursday: 2:45-3:30

Note: Mr. Ruo may be contacted for any questions or concerns at



Health Tips of the Month: March

Sleeping habits are important for living a healthy lifstyle. Getting enough sleep can help prevent chronic diseases and promotes overall health. Take a couple minutes to assess your sleeping habits by reading the following questions.

  • Do you go to bed at the same time each night?
  • Is your room dark enough?
  • Are you watching T.V. or using a computer/laptop?
  • Is your room at the right temperature?
  • Are you always watching the clock?

If you're having sleeping issues and answered yes to multiple questions, you may want to make some adjustments to your sleeping habits. Contact your primary care physican if these issues remain persistent over a long period time.



Information and Links

Class Topics: 3/20-3-24

Health I

  • Unit Assessment
  • Communication

Health II

  • Unit Assessment
  • Body Image


Class Syllabus 

Health I

Health II

Physical Education-Wellness


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