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Research Group

The main goals of the Research Workgroup are to:
  • Analyze/profile in-school populations identifying youth with a high potential of dropping out of school
  • Identify "the moment" a student falls off the graduation path
  • Analyze/profile the out-of-school, at-risk youth population
  • Generate recommendations from the above data
  • Identify current options and pathway strands servicing in-school and out-of-school youth


Research Workgroup Members

Ryan Fitzgerald

Marilyn Matzke

Ted Shelov

Omari Walker

Jean Baptiste Cettie

Leo Stebenne

Jessica Insana

Brian Mikolazyk

Christin Correia


Would you like to be involved?

Contact Dale Hayden, MEPB Project Manager

Phone: (508) 675-1165, ext. 107

Email: dhayden@bristolwib.org