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All students at the Frank M. Silvia School will be prepared for academic and social success in middle school and beyond.

To achieve these goals, our school will make certain that:

  • All students meet or exceed state standards in all subject areas.
  • All students receive highly qualified focused instruction targeted to their learning needs.
  • Students’ progress is monitored by formative and summative assessments and by school, district, and state benchmarks.
  • All stakeholders promote a culture in which they believe in students’ capacity to succeed through positive reinforcement for effort, achievement, and behavior.



If we focus on comprehension read-alouds and T-charts as our major instructional focus to strengthen background knowledge and vocabulary through various avenues THEN our students will implement this learning in a successful manner through their verbal and written skills.



News and Notices

2016-2017 School Calendar

Art Show - April 27 - 5:00 - 7:00pm
3rd Grade MCAS
May 4 - 8 : 3rd Grade Math
4th Grade MCAS
May 10 - 11 : 4th Grade Math
5th Grade MCAS
May 1 & May 2 : 5th Grade Math
May 15 - 16 : 5th Grade Science

General  Notices:

Gently used "spiritwear" is available at the school. All students are required to wear Silvia School "spiritwear" everyday.

Please save your Boxtops for Education.

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