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We've Been Invaded!

Back in November, Third grade students at the Silvia School were learning about a street artist who goes by the name, Invader. He in a French urban artist who uses mosaic tiles to create pixilated artwork inspired by 8-bit video games, like Space Invaders. He invades cities all over the world with his bright, colorful, video game-like mosaics.

Check out his website!

  • Students used rulers to create their own grids.
  • Students designed their very own invader.
  • Students used paper tiles to create mosaics.

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2016-2017 School Calendar

Art Show - April 27 - 5:00 - 7:00pm
3rd Grade MCAS
May 4 - 8 : 3rd Grade Math
4th Grade MCAS
May 10 - 11 : 4th Grade Math
5th Grade MCAS
May 1 & May 2 : 5th Grade Math
May 15 - 16 : 5th Grade Science

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