Staff Directory


Jean Facchiano ,


Vice- Principal

Kristina Delaplain ,


Dean of Teaching and Learning

Tricia Whitty ,


Dean of Student Support and Operations 

Melissa Homol ,


School Adjustment Counselors

Kristina Michel ,

Nancy Oliveira ,



Jamie Almeida (KA)
Linda Bak
Traci Bustin (2B)
Holly Cabral
Jaclyn Campos
Sherri Carvalho (3C)
Christine Carvalho (4C)
Heather Cordeiro (5C)
Alyson Costeira (3-5)
Ericka Cote (2-3)
Andrea Curran (KC)
Krystal Cuoto ELL
Susan Darmody (2D)
Caitlin Davies (4D)
Patricia DeFusco-Cabral (3DC)
Elaine Desnoyers
Christine Dias Bernadino
Stephanie Dugas (4D)
Leah Faria (K-1)
Deborah Frank (1F)
Amanda Gomes (5G)
Carol Goncalo (KG)
Jennifer Grafton (4G)
Bryana Halloran (5H)
Stefanie LaFontaine
Teresa Mahjoory
Shaina Mckinnon (3M)
Caitlyn McCarron (1-2)
Diane Medeiros
Katie O'Connell (1-2)
Michael Pacheco (5P)
Laurianne Parker (1P)
Kelly Pelletier
Christine Pinto
Stephanie Perreira
Timothy Powers
Paula Rego
Aura Ryder (1R)
Maria Salpietro (3S)
Barbara Saraiva (3S)
Elizabeth Sherman
Sara Sherman (2S)
Susan Silva
Anne Marie Silvia (KS)
Gail Sowersby (1S)
Jessica Sylvia
Eric Tavares
Kimberly Tracy (KT)
Jennifer Urban
Shaina Viveiros (4V)
Kathy Whalley-Sayers
Tracey White
Rebecca Woodcock (2W)
Lindsey Taylor (5T)
Mary Zema


News and Notices

2016-2017 School Calendar

Art Show - April 27 - 5:00 - 7:00pm
3rd Grade MCAS
May 4 - 8 : 3rd Grade Math
4th Grade MCAS
May 10 - 11 : 4th Grade Math
5th Grade MCAS
May 1 & May 2 : 5th Grade Math
May 15 - 16 : 5th Grade Science

General  Notices:

Gently used "spiritwear" is available at the school. All students are required to wear Silvia School "spiritwear" everyday.

Please save your Boxtops for Education.

Learn about the Physical Education Program

Register your Stop and Shop card

to obtain A+ points for our school which will turn into dollars in the spring.

School Adjustment Counselor

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