Special Education and Student Services

Special Education District Office  508-675-8421 extension 55262
     Lisa Moy, Executive Director of Special Education and Student Services extension 55262
     Kristin Donahue, Director of Special Education extension 55262
     Ruth Federici, Supervisor Grades 6-12  extension 55261
     Kristen Farias, Supervisor Grades PPK to 5 extension 55333
     Mary Morgan , Supervisor Out of District and Ancillary Services extension 55280
     Secretary to the Director  ext. 55262
     Lucio DaMotta Santos Community Facilitator ext. 45568
Special Education Contact Directory
  • Doran                 Melissa French                      508-675-8225
  • Durfee                Susan Pucillo                        508-675-8100  
  • Early Childhood   Katie Souza                          508-675-8421 
  • Fonseca              Melissa French                      508-675-8177
  • Greene               Cynthia Trinidad                    508-675-8325
  • Henry Lord          Paula Rego                           508-675-8208
  • Kuss                   Jennifer Graham                   508-675-8335
  • Letourneau         Judy Keegan                         508-676-2170
  • Morton                Ann Marie Dias                     508-675-8340
  • Silvia                  Gina Sasso                           508-675-9811
  • Spencer Borden   Oriana Jones                        508-675-8202
  • Stone                  Sarah Murphy                      508-675-8405
  • Talbot                 Bethany Franco                    508-675-8350
  • Tansey                Cynthia Trinidad                   508-675-8206
  • Viveiros               Judy Keegan                        508-675-8300
  • Watson                Gina Sasso                         508-675-8240


Resources for Parents:

Special Education Resources and Links for Parents--www.specialeducationguide.org

Autism Society--www.autism-society.org

Council for Exceptional Children--www.cec.sped.org

Federation for Children with Special Needs--fcsn.org

National Association of Parents with Children in Special Education--www.napcse.org








Overview of Special Education

Parent Information Brochure

Parent Information Brochure(Spanish)

SEPAC Brochure

Attendance Brochure 

Attendance Brochure(Spanish)



Fall River Public Schools Annual Civil Rights Training

News and Notices


Special Education Parent Advisory Council(SEPAC)

Provides info for all families receiving SPED Services in Fall River, We strive to foster open communication between the district and special education families.

Fall River Autism Community Group

A support group for all parents/caregivers of children with autism in preK-12. We support ASD families through meetings, resources and workshops.

Contact: Tiffany Pineault tiffanypineault@yahoo.com


All meetings are held at Kuss Middle School Community Room from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. 


Meeting dates 2017-2018:

December 5

January 9

Febuary 6

March 6

April 3

May 1

June 5