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Staff Directory

Administrative & Support Staff



Name Email
Lewis, V. Renee - Principal vlewis@fallriverschools.org

Pereira, Victor -             Vice Principal

(Teams ABCD)


Silva-Patterson, Natalia - Vice Principal

(Teams EFGH)



Guidance Counselors



Fluerent, Lindsey

(Teams ABCD)


Souza, Jennifer

(Teams EFGH)



School Adjustment Counselors

Name Email

Galante, Lisa

(Teams EFGH)


Leblanc, Elaine

(Teams ABCD)



Department Chairs

Name Email
Zagarella, Lisa lzagarella@fallriverschools.org


Technology Facilitator

Name Email
Glover, Karen  kglover@fallriverschools.org


Office Clerks

Name Email
Damaso, Kathy kdamaso@fallriverschools.org
Gomes, Pamela pgomes@fallriverschools.org


School Resource Officer

Name Email
Katz, Adam akatz@fallriverschools.org


Academic Departments


English Department

Name Email
Chapman, Kathleen kchapman@fallriverschools.org
Conchinha, Amanda aconchinha@fallriverschools.org
Duarte, Tracy tduarte@fallriverschools.org
Januse, Molly mjanuse@fallriverschools.org
Plourde, Katie kplourde@fallriverschools.org
Quatromini, Danielle dquatromini@fallriverschools.org


ELL/ESL Department

Name Email
Devlin, Lisa ldevlin@fallriverschools.org
Dye, Anna adye@fallriverschools.org
Solway, Sharon ssolway@fallriverschools.org


Fine Arts Department

Name Email
Brown, William wbrown@fallriverschools.org
Cabral, Linda lcabral@fallriverschools.org
Moniz, Teresa tmoniz@fallriverschools.org
Smith, Donald dsmith@fallriverschools.org
Souza, Karen ksouza@fallriverschools.org
Ventimiglia, Katherine kventimiglia@fallriverschools.org


Health & Physical Education Department

Name Email
Murray, Myles mmurray@fallriverschools.org
Salois, Amanda asalois@fallriverschools.org


Mathematics Department

Name Email
Avril, Karen kavril@fallriverschools.org
Deady, Jessica jdeady@fallriverschools.org
Greenwood, Jason jgreenwood@fallriverschools.org
Lundstrom, Thomas tlundstrom@fallriverschools.org
Nasrallah, Narcisa nnasrallah@fallriverschools.org
Rafferty, Kevin krafferty@fallriverschools.org


Science Department

Name Email
Botelho, Kayla kbotelho@fallriverschools.org
Champlin, Paul pchamplin@fallriverschools.org
Dominov, Erin edominov@fallriverschools.org
Hallett, Emily ehallett@fallriverschools.org
Pavao, Lisa lpavao@fallriverschools.org
Tedeschi, Karla ktedeschi@fallriverschools.org


Social Sciences Department

Name Email
Carvalho, Jacob jacarvalho@fallriverschools.org
Casavant, Christopher ccasavant@fallriverschools.org
Coelho, Janet  jcoelho@fallriverschools.org
Roerden, Anne aroerden@fallriverschools.org
Schraft, Michael mschraft@fallriverschools.org
Siclari, Stephen ssiclari@fallriverschools.org


Special Education Department


Name Email
Condon, Elizabeth econdon@fallriverschools.org
Curt, Kevin kcurt@fallriverschools.org
Franco, Bethany bfranco@fallriverschools.org
Lepage, Karen klepage@fallriverschools.org
Moniz, Meaghan mmoniz@fallriverschools.org
Quental, Lisa lquental@fallriverschools.org
Silvia, Paul psilvia@fallriverschools.org
Verrette, Lisa lverrette@fallriverschools.org



Name Email
El-Hajjar, Maria mel-hajjar@fallriverschools.org
Ferreira, Chantell cferreira@fallriverschools.org
O'Hearn, Kristen kohearn@fallriverschools.org
Valliere, Ronald rvalliere@fallriverschools.org


Super-Core Intervention Team

Bertrand, Danielle (Reading Specialist) dbertrand@fallriverschools.org
Carvalho, Douglas (Math) dcarvalho@fallriverschools.org
Damon-Aleman, Carey (ELA) cdamon-aleman@fallriverschools.org
Herren, Christine (Math) cherren@fallriverschools.org
Vecoli, Lauren (ELA) lvecoli@fallriverschools.org


Technology Department


Coleman, Benjamin

(Project Lead The Way)



World Languages Department

Name Email
DeLima, Andrea adelima@fallriverschools.org


News and Notices

School Hours:
7:25 - 2:10

MCAS Test Dates -


6th & 7th: May 9th-10th


8th: May 16th-17th

Progress Reports

Thursday 5/18

Spring Book Fair

5/26 - 6/2

Spring Picture Day

Tuesday 5/23/17

Early Release Day

Thursday 6/8

Dismissal at 11:30

8th Grade Graduation

6/20 (Date Changed!)

6:00-8:00 PM

Rain location: Durfee Auditorium

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Talbot Innovation Plan

Lunch Menu


Talbot School Forms

District Info & Events:

16-17 FRPS Calendar

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