Tansey Technology Lab

2015 - 2016


Click below for Thanksgiving games for Kindergarten - Grade 3.

pilgrim with a Happy Thanksgiving sign animation


Click on the dancing turkey for a Thanksgiving coding game for Grades 4 & 5.

Finding Howard

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Click below for abcya.

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Click below for Surf Swell Island.

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Click below for DreamBox.


Click below for Headsprout.

Click below for Discovery Education

(Grades 4 & 5)


Click below for Read Theory

(Grades 3, 4. & 5)

Click on the images below to navigate to the sites.

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 Grade 3


Enchanted Learning Inventors

Endangered Animals


Events Leading up to the American Revolution


Grade 4

Owlie Skywarn

The Rock Cycle


Roller Coaster Design



State Report 2016


Grade 5











Internet Safety



Click here for the 2015-2016

Technology Goals.

Listen to Ms. Stankiewicz's favorite quote from Bill Gates.